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bridesmaid dress emerald green Dresses Dusty Pink

Delicate pink bridesmaid dresses are enjoying a huge moment. The soft hue oozes elegance and class which makes it an ideal choice for weddings of all styles. Enhance your bridal party by showcasing a variety of dusty pink bridesmaid long gown dresses with stunning ruffles, captivating silhouettes off the shoulder, and sleek satin silhouettes.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves can give dusty pink bridesmaid dresses an air of class. They are also ideal for weddings with a black tie or for brides who prefer a bit more coverage. Explore our selection of romantic cap sleeves and flutters and elegant satin and velvet styles that ooze timeless glamour. Find the perfect length for your bridal event, from floor-length to off shoulder silhouettes.

A dusty rose bridesmaid dresses affordable dress with accessories that compliment the season and the overall theme of your wedding. For instance, you can choose delicate jewelry in silver or rose gold and shoes in neutral shades like blush or nude to allow your bridesmaids' dresses to shine. You can also pick arrangements of flowers with soft petal colors to match your wedding color scheme. Make sure your bridesmaids' look is complete with a a chic veil to frame the face. We love the idea of having your bridesmaids wear matching flower crowns, too!


Chiffon is an elegant, soft fabric that is often used in bridal gowns. It is a delicate, light colour that reflects elegance and delicacy. It also reflects warmth and affection. It is a versatile fabric that can be used in both mismatched and matching styles. The color is available in a variety of styles, so you are sure to find the perfect look for your special day.

We have more than 100 colors in stock Please choose a color from swatch table before buy (Custom-made color is Final Sale and there is no exchange or return). Thank you!


The luxurious look of satin brings an elegant touch to your wedding palette. This classic bridesmaid color is flattering for a broad range of skin tones, and never goes out of fashion. Our dusty pink satin dresses for bridesmaids have romantic floral patterns, alluring off-shoulder silhouettes and fun strapless designs. Mix and match these dresses to create a bridal party that is perfectly cohesive but allows each bridesmaid to express their own personality with strategic ruching and sultry layers of tiers, and charming bow accents.


Velvet bridesmaid dresses are ideal for any event, whether it's an autumn wedding or a romantic winter wedding. They can also be used to make an elegant spring celebration with delicate flowers. The luxurious fabric looks elegant and timeless in a range of shades, from blush pink to sultry red. When coupled with neutral accessories and bouquets these dresses for bridesmaids can make your bridal appear elegant, Bridesmaid long gown stylish and sophisticated.

A velvet gown for your bridesmaids with long sleeves is the perfect option for weddings in the fall and winter. This color is vibrant enough to stand out but not too bright that it is in conflict with other colors at your wedding. You can also add a splash of color to your wedding by selecting a gown for your bridesmaids in a lighter shade, such as champagne or blush pink.

The rich texture of velvet adds a mystical element to the wedding. This sumptuous fabric is an excellent option for bridesmaid dresses, particularly when it's made in a flattering style and adorned with a few details such as ruching or charming bows. You can choose from a variety of sizes and lengths to fit the style of your wedding.

Consider a black velvet bridesmaid gown if you are planning a formal wedding. This classic shade works well with any wedding color palette and pairs beautifully with flowers, foliage and jewelry. This is a great color for a formal black tie wedding or when your bridesmaids wear dresses that are floor-length.

For a more fun take on classic velvet, try this dress for your bridesmaids that features a flowing midi skirt and short flutter sleeves. Crystals are incorporated into the V-neckline, the fitted bodice and sleeves for an extra special accent. Dress this elegant dress with soft flowers and sparkling silver jewelry to create a complete bridal look.

Velvet is a classic and elegant choice for bridesmaid gown plus size dresses. It can give a romantic feel to a winter wedding or complement pastel hues in spring and create a luxuriant feel for an autumn or summer wedding. When selecting hairstyles and accessories to match velvet bridesmaids dresses, choose complementary colors that will not overpower the subtle hues.


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